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The Butler’s Sink has a Rich History.

How the humble Butler brought the Farmhouse Sink all the way to Sydney Whether you call it a Butler’s Sink or a Farmhouse Sink, it doesn’t really matter. Some people even call it an Apron Sink, but as soon as you mention it, anyone who knows anything about kitchen design will know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s curious to learn how it came to go by so many different names, but what is really interesting is how it came to be here, amongst us Sydneysiders, and why it’s now such a strong design feature in today’s most stunning kitchens. The sink has always been a focal point in any kitchen, especially when you have one that makes such a dramatic statement. The Farmhouse or Butler’s sink has its origins in the 17th Century Europe when the good old kitchen sink was used for much more than just a few dirty dishes. Back then, they...

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How They’ll Change in a Post Covid-19 World

Covid-19 has forever changed the way we handle our food. From how we buy it (eCommerce), to how we store it, and what we do in order to prepare it. While lockdown, in Sydney at least, may be lifting, these experiences won’t just be temporary, instead, they’ll have a lasting impact on how we go about our daily lives long after the coronavirus becomes second hand news.  The impact of all this on the future of kitchen design, will be more pronounced than just finding a spot for the hand sanitiser.    Here are some predictions from our leading Sydney Kitchen Design team;    The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we buy, and handle our food.   The majority of us are now switching to online shopping which was always on-trend, but now that trend is accelerating quickly. It’s convenient, economical and offers contactless delivery - but there are usually minimum order limits, which means...

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